Dill Dip 038

Dill Dip for Thanksgiving

It is almost Thanksgiving!  If you are looking for an EASY and FANTASTIC idea for an appetizer, this is your lucky day!  Order a Dill Dip from Scratch and the rest is simple!  Get a bread bowl from your local bakery (our favorite is Pumpernickle), a cup of sour cream and a block of cream cheese.






Mix the Dill Dip with sour cream and cream cheese and put it all in the bread bowl!  You will be getting THANKS all day!

  • 6 Nov, 2013
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Lots to do!

Well we are still working hard to get everything ready for the big Holiday Boutique which starts a WEEK FROM TOMORROW!!!  We are SO excited!  We will have hundreds of cookie mixes, marinades, spices, and seasonings on hand!  Our products make excellent gifts for the holidays!  Mark your calendars and come see us next week at the Overland Park Convention Center.

  • 24 Oct, 2013
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Gearing up!

I can’t believe the Holiday Boutique is 3 weeks away!  It seems like SO long ago that we decided to take the leap and reserve a booth at this great event!  We went shopping yesterday and bought 200 lbs of flour, 125 lbs of white sugar and 100 lbs of brown sugar!  Time to start packaging!  Wow!

  • 3 Oct, 2013
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New Marinade?!?

We have been selling at the City Market and it has been a BLAST!  There are such great, energetic, diverse people we meet.  Our marinades are a popular item so we thought, “why not come up with a new one?”  Well, we are still in the process, but there MAY be a new Teriyaki Marinade in our near future…  :)  Check back soon to see when you can pick up this delicious new item!

  • 20 Sep, 2013
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Onion Garlic Burger

I (Michelle) went tailgating on Tuesday with some great friends. Here is how it was going down.  My friends were going to bring the beer and a side and we were going to bring the meat and anything else we could find.

As my Tuesday went on, time was running out and I thought, “I can’t just make a plain burger can I?”   I am one of those people that always tries to make something special even though I know it is not always needed.   Never the less, the question still looming over me was “What am I going to make?”   Well it finally came to me about 3 in the afternoon, (we were meeting them at 5:30) I will use an Onion Garlic Marinade in my hamburger meat, put some Munster cheese on the burger and call it a day.   IT WAS FABULOUS!  Everyone loved it!!!   They were juicy and full of flavor.  This will now be a go-to burger for me.

2lbs Hamburger meat
1 pack of Onion Garlic Marinade
Make Patties and Cook