As every mother knows the holidays are here and first up is Halloween with trick-or-treating, customs, candy, and school parties. This year I signed up to provide treats for my son’s class. To be honest it makes me a little nervous. I know the kids to don’t care what I take or how it looks as long as it is full of sugar and tastes good. I just feel a little added pressure from owning a company that makes amazing food and desserts. I also want my son to know that I will do just as good of a job for them as I do our clients.

So what’s it going to be this year, you might ask? A Pumpkin puking up fruit covered in greenish brown whipped cream, and hotdogs wrapped as mummies. I forgot to mention I am doing the savory as the other mom helping choose two sweets to bring. I think my son and his classmates will like what I’m bringing and the presentation is going to be amazing so I feel really good about my choices.

If you are having trouble thinking of a great idea or you would like some help in execution please leave a comment.

Happy Halloween!