MichelleMy family and I love to eat dinner together almost every night. I have two kids ages 9 and 6 who have busy schedules of their own, so making dinner happen around the table isn’t always easy. With a marinade I can put the chicken or pork in the bag in the morning and it’s ready to cook for dinner. My kids love to make the sides and it has been a test of my patients at times, but I really do love to have them in helping.

I got started cooking when I was a little. In my mother’s kitchen I would mix things together to try to make something up or if we didn’t have all the ingredients I would try to substitute to make it work. Sometimes it would work, but more than most it would be an epic fail.

In college I got the chance to go Paris and eat the most amazing breads and pastries. This lead to my addiction for baking, I watched every reality TV cake show and thought about how fun it would be to have my own shop someday. It really made my head spin and was overwhelming to think about, so a friend and I talked it out and started making cakes from home. She was the baker and I decorated for the most of the time. I loved to decorate but one day she had to move. I loved decorating so much I had to learn to bake on my own. It took many tries to get it right but finally I did.

One of the greatest pleasures I get is knowing that I have made someone’s day. The smile someone gives you as they take your treats and snagging one before they put one on the counter. I take pride in knowing that I can say “I MADE THIS FROM SCRATCH”.